Laminatrap's Linker


Linker Info

This will link .308, .30-06, or 8mm in izzy IMI links or .30-06 links.


Design Considerations

What makes this design desirable is the fact that the base is made of lightweight 6160 aircraft aluminum, a tremendous weight savings over steel. It folds flat unlike many on the market. It will link 20 rounds at a time with 21 spaces to line up your previously linked ammo.


I now have 10 round linkers availible.



Right now 20 round linkers are on sale for $185 and 10 round linkers are $125. For an extra $10 you will also recieve 100 IMI links.

Payment can be made through PayPal to my email address laminatrap (at) aol (dot) com.

USPS shipping is included for all 50 states! Please contact me if you require alternate shipping.

Trades Considered! Check my wanted page!